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Butterwick Pinchbeck's Endowed Church of England Primary School

Butterwick Pinchbeck's Endowed Church of England Primary School

'Do everything in love' 1 Corinthians 16:14

School Council

What does a school council do?

A school council is a formal group of pupils who act as representatives of their classmates in discussing school issues with the delegated member of staff, Mrs Walker.

It’s a brilliant way of representing and contributing to pupil voice in your school. Students are elected by their class peers to represent the views of all pupils and also to improve their school.

The "school council" meets with a teacher present to discuss and sort out problems or discuss new ideas, for example, school lunches, behaviour or take on projects that support the children’s learning and development, such as organising charity events, representing the school at outside events or ensuring the school is environmentally friendly. The school council members are elected annually.

Why do we have a School Council?

  • To help make our school better
  • Everyone is an important part of our school. We should all have a say in how it is run
  • We have the right to be listened to
  • Children have some great ideas!
  • Everyone has the right to express their own opinions
  • Teachers might not have enough time to listen to everyone's ideas separately. A council meeting can bring all those ideas together
  • Adults don't always have the answers, children can help them to see things differently.
  • Decisions made in school affect us all. Children should have a say in decisions which affect them
  • Children might notice things which need changing that adults aren't aware of