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Butterwick Pinchbeck's Endowed Church of England Primary School

Butterwick Pinchbeck's Endowed Church of England Primary School




At Butterwick C of E Primary School we intend to develop a lifelong love of physical activity by developing and building fundamental skills, encouraging children to take responsibility for improving their own fitness and deepening their knowledge of personal health and wellbeing.

We will widen children’s horizons, enabling them to find and develop new talents and encourage aspirations for success in sport beyond school. Opportunities are provided for children to engage and succeed in competitive sport whilst developing a sense of fair play and sportsmanship.


At Butterwick C of E Primary School we teach 2 hours of high quality PE every week. We use Rising Stars ‘Champions’ Scheme of work which ensures teachers have secure subject knowledge to deliver high quality teaching and learning for all areas of the National Curriculum. Our varied and well mapped P.E. curriculum is based on three strands of learning – Sports, Health and Fitness. It provides opportunities for progression across the full breadth of indoor and outdoor physical activity for the mind and body.

Structured lessons involve: prior learning, warm up, skills learning and development, application and practise, reflection and review. Lessons will develop essential skills, including leadership, resilience, effective communication and teamwork.

Technical vocabulary is planned in each session to support the subject knowledge, so teachers can share and use it confidently. Teachers are supported to have the knowledge and skills needed to be confident in teaching PE regardless of their own areas of expertise.


Units are progressive documents that ensure learners develop detailed knowledge and skills across the full breadth of PE curriculum through engaging and age-appropriate content.

The high quality and consistent approach to PE teaching will significantly improve attainment in knowledge and skills in PE.

Children will be healthy, happy and confident.

Children understand the impact on their wellbeing, developing the whole child (holistic approach).

Children participate in sport beyond school and achievements are celebrated.