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Butterwick Pinchbeck's Endowed Church of England Primary School

Butterwick Pinchbeck's Endowed Church of England Primary School

'Do everything in love' 1 Corinthians 16:14

Dinner Menu

Here at Butterwick Primary School we are very fortunate to have a school kitchen on site.

Meals are cooked in the school kitchen by the kitchen team and cost £2.50 at present. 

Menus are posted once a month throughout school, here on the website and copies are kept in the school office.

Please notify us of any food related allergies your child may have. 

We have a selection of vegetarian food available if you require this option. Wholemeal bread is served with every meal. Fruit is available every day as part of the pudding choice.

We are very proud to say that the school kitchen has been awarded the Food Standard Agency Level 5 by Boston Borough Council Environment Health again in an inspection carried out March 2023. Comments made during this inspection were if a level 6 could be awarded this would have been given. The report also stated that the kitchen was excellent in all areas and this is as close to perfect that they had seen. Please see the attachment to see the School Food Standards and Food for Life Criteria which the School Kitchen meets.

If you require details of free school meals please contact the office.

Children who wish to, may bring packed lunches. Please ensure these and their contents are securely fastened. Water is provided but children may bring a drink, but not cans or glass bottles. Children who have a packed lunch should have a straw or suitable container to drink from. They should also bring spoons etc if needed. 

Please Note: We are trying to reduce food waste and help the flow of the dinner hall, so please ensure you put your child's pudding choice on the menu order form. If you do not indicate a pudding, they will automatically be given the main meal pudding and this cannot be changed on the day. Thank you. 


Butterwick Kitchen is going cash free. Therefore invoices will be emailed to parents after the monthly dinner menu has been submitted to the kitchen and payment will need to be made by bank transfer, bank details will be attached to the dinner menus.
Cancellations of meals will be charged unless notified 24 hours before with the exception of illness.


Parent response to school dinners

"I'd just like to congratulate you on your meals. At their previous school neither of my children would eat the school dinners, partly because the menu was completely inflexible but mainly because the food wasn't as nice. We had endless problems with one child's lunchtimes, weeks went by where my child wouldn't eat a single thing for the whole school day. Your food and the lovely atmosphere at Butterwick have completely turned things around. They now look forward to lunch, enjoy choosing what they'll have off the menu and they even eat better at home. So congratulations on your lovely food , you've helped sort out such a huge worry."