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Butterwick Pinchbeck's Endowed Church of England Primary School

Butterwick Pinchbeck's Endowed Church of England Primary School

Premier League Primary Stars U11 National Girls Football Tournament ​​​​​​​

After the girls won the PLPS Regional U11 Girls football tournament in March representing Boston United, they gained a place in the National Tournament held at Leeds United this week.

The whole experience was absolutely amazing for the girls.  Each team walked onto the pitch carrying the team’s flag that they were representing and the commentator announced each team over the tannoy.  There were 4 groups with 5 teams in each group.  They were in Group D and were drawn against Torquay United, Manchester United, Crystal Palace and Everton.  The girls all played brilliant football against some really hard teams and held their own to gain 3 draws and 1 lose.  They drew 0-0 with Torquay United, 2-2 with Everton and 0-0 with Crystal Palace and lost 2-0 to Manchester United who then went on to lose in the final against Brighton and Hove Albion. 
During the trophy ceremony at the end of the tournament, the girls were awarded the Fair Play trophy for showing respect during their games and playing according to the rules.
We are all so proud of our girls and what they have achieved.  One of our old pupils, Elora, was a referee at the tournament, what an inspiration to the girls. Well done to them all and to their coach Mrs Rigby.

Here are the quotes from the girls:

“It was a great experience playing at Elland Road. I loved walking out the tunnel and leading the team to get the fair play trophy. It is a day I will never forget.” – Eva (Captain)

“I really enjoyed walking through the tunnel. The first match was quite difficult but I think we were all a bit nervous. The second match was easier. It was absolutely amazing in the end.” - Alisha

“When I first got there, it was amazing. It was a really fun experience. If I had the choice to go again, I would.” – Hollie

“Going through the tunnel onto the pitch was nerve-racking but fantastic. As the day went on my nerves went. If I ever got the chance to do it again I would because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.” – Enid

“Wednesday was fabulous, I loved every single thing about it. I will never forget it.” – Phoebe

“Walking through the Leeds United tunnel was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Playing where amazing Leeds United players play was absolutely amazing. If I had the chance to do it again, I would say yes in a heartbeat.” – Florence

“It was a very fun day out. I will never forget when we walked through the tunnel.” – Ruby

“I enjoyed the view and the environment and especially that it was at Leeds! I felt nervous and anxious at first. Then walking out of the tunnel, I started to feel more comfortable. As the games started, I felt more confident. I really enjoyed the day and would definitely go again if I had the chance.” – Amelia


We would like to thank the families and our school community for their support during the tournament. We would also like to thank one of our grandparents who made a kind donation to the team which allowed them to have treats the night before and on the big day. And finally, a huge thank you to Mrs Rigby who has coached the girls and to Mr Bashford for his support with the team.